As the most professional GMP Manufacturer of diet pills, we can produce any weight loss diet pills as per your requirements for all varieties. Our product are the most popular appetite suppressants.

We have been providing private label/OEM service to thousands of companies, big and small, in USA, Europe, Pacific rim countries, such as Australia, Singapore, and Japan etc.

Their markets and customers have attested to the superior quality and consistent performance of our professional private label line of herbal weight loss products.

Details of Our Private Label/OEM weight loss Products:

Options: Finished diet pills with full package, semi-finished weight loss products, raw material Model: Capsule, Pill, Softgel Capsule Size: 350mg, 480mg, 650mg etc.

Standard: GMP Manufacture

Standard Inner Packing: Bottle, Foil, Blister

Outer Packing: Bottle, Paperboard box, Holographic Paperboard box

Productivity: 1, 000, 000pcs/month

Advantages of Private Label/OEM :

* Substantially higher margins than a brand name products

* Greater freedom with pricing strategy

* Freedom to create your own marketing plans

* You will increase your sales

* You have control over the stock inventory

* Create a positive image of yourself for your customer which will lead to stronger customer loyalty

* Reduce dependance on brand names for sales

* Positions you better in a tight economy

* After building customer loyalty for months, your customers won't turn around and order the same products from an online megastore because they are only available from you!